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轻松应对不同对象的4个Networking Email必备模板


确定了你想找谁,拿到了联系方式,下一步就是和他们联系了,于是,很多小伙伴的问题也来了,这Cold Email该怎么发呢?于是我们为大家准备了4个针对不同情况的Networking Email Templates,帮小伙伴顺利地发出自己的第一份Networking邮件。

约一个Informational Interview或Coffee Talk

如果你想约一个Informational Interview或者Coffee Chat,要简介明了的介绍自己,说明来意,并且明确地提出你的Ask。要注意语气的委婉周到,并且让对方感受到你的兴趣和真诚。例如:

Dear Kate,

My name is Jeff, a sophomore at Columbia University. I am very interested to hear more about your experience and current role at JP Morgan. I would also like to gain some insight into the asset management industry in general, and JP Morgan in particular. 

I would appreciate the opportunity to schedule a phone call with you at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best wishes,


Follow Up你最近认识的Professional

在Career Fair、各种Networking Events里小伙伴们会有机会认识在Dream Company工作的前辈,还拿到了对方的名片或者是联系方式,之后和你想保持联系的人Follow Up是非常好的习惯。Event上Professional和很多小伙伴都交谈过,但数据证明,只有不到10%的人会Follow Up,所以如果你能勤快地做到这一点,就会给Prefessional留下更好的印象。



Hi Grace,

It was so nice to meet you at the New York Networking event. Thank you so much for sharing your insights on the machine learning trends and your tips on work-life balance. I found it very helpful.

I'm looking forward to keeping in touch. Have a great day!

All the best,



比如你想找Dream Company里你最喜欢的部门的大佬,获得一些建议或者是对他有更多了解。应该先进行自我介绍,然后说明你是如何得到他的联系方式和想找他的原因,当然约Specific,越Personal越好,然后说明你的Ask,以Jeff为例:

Hi Eric,

Hope you're having a great week!

My name is Jeff, and I work as an editor at Offerbang. I became familiar with your work when I saw your piece about marketing strategies on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out to tell you how much I admire your relatable and straightforward writing style.

I understand you must be very busy, but I'd really appreciate the chance to grab a coffee and learn more about your experience and advice for a student like me who wanted to pursue a career as an editor. Thank you very much!

Really looking forward to your reply, Eric!

Best regards,




Hi Wendy,

My name is Jeff, and I'm a good friend with Annie, who passed along your contact information to me.

Annie mentioned that we share a passion for dog rescues and said you'd be a great person to get to know! So, I thought I'd reach out, introduce myself, and let you know that I'd love to find out more about you and your experience with Saving Paws Rescue.

Looking forward to connecting!

All the best,



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