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25个小短语,让你像Native Speaker一样地道说英语

英语中很多小词组合起来意思都不一样,比如说Call这个词,Call in是说打电话,Call off就变成了取消。很多极其简单的小动词,加不同的介词意思会大不相同,有时听不懂还会闹笑话。今天,我们就给大家说说这些小“黑话”,不论你是在校生、刚刚拿到第一份实习的Intern,还是入行多年的老司机,学会小词说“黑话”,都能让你听起来更地道。




可以分开使用 - 中间可以加内容,也可以放在后面,比如figure out something 和figure something out,都可以。

不能分开使用 - 中间一般不加内容,比如Deal with something,就不可以说成Deal something with。


1. Deal with
意思: To handle, work on,不能分开使用
例子: Your manager will deal with your performance.

2. Take over
意思: To get control or responsibility for something,可以分开使用
例子: Emily will take over the sales department.

3. Look into
意思: To investigate, learn more about, 不能分开使用
例子: Could you look into the issue please?

4. Look up to
意思: To respect,不能分开使用
例子: A role model is someone you look up to.

5. Look for
意思: To search,不能分开使用
例子: They are looking for a candidate who can speak both Chinese and Japanese.

6. Look through
意思: To search many things,不能分开使用
例子: They had to look through all of last week's reports to find the one they wanted.

7. Catch on
意思: To finally understand, to understand something that other people already understand,不能分开使用
例子: It would be great for Jeff to catch on the project after the meeting.

8. Get ahead
意思: To move up in position, improve in career,不能分开使用
例子: To get ahead, I would need to work a little harder.

9. Drop in
意思: To make an unexpected visit,不能分开使用
例子: I am always nervous when our CEO drops in.

10. Drop off (1)
意思: A sharp decrease,不能分开使用
例子: Everybody starts to panic when market drops off out of no reason.

11. Drop off (2)
意思: To deliver,to put,可以分开使用
例子: Can I drop the package off here?

12. Fill in (1)
意思: To write an item on a form,可以分开使用
例子: Could you fill in the form?

13. Fill in (2)
意思: To do a job or hold a position temporarily,不能分开使用
例子: When the senior manager is away, the manager will fill in.

14. Bring up
意思: To say or introduce a topic or issue,可以分开使用
例子: Our manager brings up the fact that we are improving every month.

15. Break down
意思: To explain something or divide something into parts,可以分开使用
例子: Can you break it down into three easy steps?

16. Hold up
意思: To cause a delay,可以分开使用
例子: The bad weather is holding progress up on the new bridge.

17. Turn down
意思: To decline,可以分开使用
例子: George turned down a job at another company so that he could continue his work here.

18. Think through
意思: To consider carefully and thoroughly,可以分开使用
例子: The marketing team did not think it through before giving the product such a silly name.

19. Spell out
意思: To say something in a simple way,可以分开使用
例子: David misunderstood the question so we had to spell it out for him.

20. Point out
意思: To indicate or show something,可以分开使用
例子: People tend to get defensive when their mistakes are pointed out.

21. Cut down
意思: To reduce, make something less,可以分开使用
例子: We will be cutting down the electricity bill by installing solar panels.

22. Cut out
意思: To completely remove or erase,可以分开使用
例子: Last year we cut out spending on TV commercials.

23. Call off
意思: To cancel,可以分开使用
例子: The meeting was called off this week.

24. Chip in
意思: To give some help,不能分开使用
例子: If everyone chips in, we will be able to finish the job by lunch time.

25. Put off
意思: To postpone, delay,可以分开使用
例子: The construction on the new building was put off because of the rain this summer.


以上就是25个常见的小词组,小伙伴们在工作中还可以多向老司机或者Native Speaker请教,多听多问。

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