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说到商务英语,有很多常用的表达。下面,我们就为大家介绍20个Native Speaker地道的职场常用语。


1. Do business - 做生意

例子:There are many risks to consider if you're planning to do business in other countries.


2. Chair a meeting - 主持一个会议

例子:It's your turn to chair the project meeting this week.


3. Make money - 挣钱

例子:It's more important to think about your career path, rather than just to make money.


4. Join forces - 组队一起工作

例子:The Sales and Marketing Departments will join forces for the next product campaign.


5. Go bankrupt - 破产

例子:The weak economy is causing many companies to go bankrupt.


6. Run a company - 经营一家公司

例子:There are many factors to consider if you want to run a company.


7. Lead a team - 领导一个团队

例子:Leading a team requires relevant experience.


8. Attract investors - 吸引投资人

例子:You need to think about how to attract investors to fund your startup company.


9. Suffer losses - 投资方面的亏损

例子:He suffered losses in the stock market recently. That's why he follows the market news closely every day.


10. Build trust - 建立信任

例子:To build trust with our customers, we need to keep our promises.


11. Discontinue a product - 停止生产

例子:We will have to discontinue the product since it's not selling.


12. Meet a deadline - 赶上Deadline

例子:The whole team has been working long hours to meet the deadline.


13. Customer service - 客户服务

例子:Good customer service is one of the main reasons customers keep coming back.


14. Price war - 价格战

例子:The best time to book your plane ticket is when airlines are having a price war.


15. Brand name - 大品牌

例子:Many people will only buy brand name products.


16. Product launch - 发布新产品

例子:Everybody in Offerbang is working hard on the new features for the next product launch.


17. Sales figures - 销量

例子:Don't forget to include last year's sales figures in your report as well.


18. Business model - 商业模式,一个公司如何盈利

例子:Let's review the business models of our competitors.


19. Customer base - 客户群体

例子:The sporty design of this watch will appeal to a young customer base.


20. Market leader - 行业巨头,指市场份额最大的公司。

例子:We have to work much harder this year to maintain our position as the market leader.



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