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在美国校园职场混的小伙伴经常会做 — Project。而Project不论大小,高效的交流是高效完成Project不可或缺的基石。下面我们会为大家带来30个常用的表达,帮你在Project过程中高效交流。同时,Project的过程和讲故事很类似,流程的表达和起承转合讲故事也可以用到。



Project Team要向着同一个目标努力,一个好的Project Team成员必须要保持非常高效的沟通。下面这些就是在整个Project过程中和Team相关的常见表达:

1. Form a team - 组建一个团队

举例: The first thing for a great project is to form a great team.

2. Team up with - 和别人组队

举例: You may need to team up with Jeff on this project.

3. Pitch in - 加入进来为Project提供帮助

举例: Everyone will have to pitch in their ideas. 

4. Start from scratch - 从0开始

举例: There is not much previous analysis, so we might need to start from scratch.

5. Define the phases - 把比较大的Project拆成小的阶段

举例: We need to define the phases before we can start work.

6. Set deadlines - 制定完成期限

举例: We have set deadlines for each phase except the design phase. Does anyone know how long the design will take?


7. Give the green light - 可以开始了


举例: After the management gives the green light, we can start the project.

8. Kick off - 正式开始

这句话其实出自于足球比赛,当球员踢球开始比赛时,比赛就正式开始了。所以kick off后来也被大家用作正式开始的意思。

举例: Let's kick off the project.



9. Meet up - 聚在一起讨论



地点(meet up in):Let's meet up in my office.

时间(meet up at):Please tell everyone to meet up at 2:00 p.m. today.

人(meet up with):The project manager would like to meet up with the accounting team.

10. Meet the deadline - 在期限前完成


举例: We may have to work longer hours to meet the deadline.




11. Schedule a meeting - 约好一个时间地点开会。

举例: Let's schedule a meeting for this Friday to discuss the potential problems.

12. Behind schedule - 比预期进度慢

举例: What's the reason that the timeline is behind the schedule?

13. Ahead of schedule - 比预期进度快

举例: The project manager is happy that the project is ahead of schedule.

14. On Track - 跟计划的一样

举例: Let's please make sure everything is on track and goes smoothly.

15. On schedule - 准时的

举例: If we can solve this problem, we will be on schedule to finish the project by the end of this week.



16. Put a plan into action - 执行计划

举例: It's important to put a plan into action.

17. Plan ahead - 在行动前深思熟虑

举例: For the project to go smoothly, we need to plan ahead.

18. Make a plan - 制定一个计划

举例: We need to  make a plan for the marketing strategy.

19. Stick to the plan - 按计划进行,不做改变

举例: It's too late to make any change now. Let's just stick to the plan.

20. Review the plan - 检查一下计划

举例: We will need to review the plan periodically.


Project Team的每个人都会被分配到任务。下面是关于分配任务的表达。

21. Tasked with - 被分配一个任务

举例: Jeff is tasked with delivering the great resources to every user on Offerbang.

22. Outsource a task - 外包一个任务

举例: Since the project team is too busy, it might be a good idea to outsource some tasks to another company.


23. Target date - 计划时间

举例: Let's try not missing the target dates.

24. Target to complete - 完成计划

举例: We need to target to complete phase one by the end of this month.

25. Achieve the target - 达成目标

举例: The project team can expect a free dinner if they achieve the target this week.


26. Create a budget - 制定预算

举例: We need to create a budget to include the cost of commute.

27. Stay on budget - 控制在预算以内

举例: We need to keep the cost as low as possible to stay on budget.

28. Increase the budget - 增加预算

举例: Management has agreed to increase the budget to cover the cost of testing the new car.



29. Wrap up - 完成

举例: :I think that's all we need. Let's wrap up the project.

30. Sign off - 正式完成并宣布项目结束

举例: After we sign off the project, we can take the whole team out to celebrate.



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