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如何写Networking之后的Thank-You Note


关于Networking和Informational Interview,我们之前讲过如何约职场前辈NetworkNetworking的步骤Tips。那么,当你进行完一次成功的Informational Interview,这个Professional很高兴与你交谈,回答了所有问题,并且他眼中闪过一丝遇到了人才的光芒,确认过眼神,你(未来)就是这个公司的人。

那么现在你该做什么?千万不要觉得万事大吉忙着庆祝,还有一件重要的事没有做,就是发Thank-You Note,感谢他们的付出,同时也是提醒他们你是个优秀的同学。这是必不可少的!

Thank-You Note到底该怎么写?



最后,表达你想和他Stay in touch的意愿。



Hi [Name],

It was so nice to meet with you today! Thank you for taking the time to answer my (many) questions and talk about what it's like at [Company] — it seems like an amazing place to work. I especially loved hearing about [something you enjoyed talking about].

I look forward to staying in touch as I continue [my job search/figuring out my next step]. I definitely plan on using your advice to [piece of advice that stuck with you]. And if [Company] has any openings in their [department] down the road, I hope you'll let me know so I can apply.

All the best,


一封Thank-you note 十分简单,只需要五分钟,却能帮你在Professional心中留下非常好的印象,有利于之后进一步发展。

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